Store, analyze

and share large

amount of images




Scopito is a cloud-based software platform designed to store, analyze and share large amounts of image-based inspection data.

News from our world

Line Inspections in Norway
In many regions of Norway, access to powerlines is difficult, so helicopters are often deployed to inspect the grid. But power utilities are increasingly becoming aware of the potential of drone-based inspections as a cost-effective and powerful method of obtaining data.
BVLOS: An acronym you’ll love
In a project with Heliscope we are very close to obtaining the first permanent, commercial BVLOS license in the world. This is great news for everyone working with drones or with infrastructure inspections based on UAV flights.
Scopito at the heart of a revolution
Inspections of wind turbine blades has been made easier, safer and much more cost-effective with the advent of drone technology. Now, with Scopito software as a main tool, Danish Drone Inspections is on the way to making blade inspections far more precise and much more useful.



Scopito is the software of choice for drone

inspection companies in need of a powerful

software platform. Scopito is also employed

by large utility and infrastructure companies

operating power transmission lines, wind

farms, road and rail infrastructure and much

more besides.



Scopito allows you to intelligently categorize

and tag large amounts of image data, typi-

cally based on drone inspection runs which

generate thousands of hi-res images. Scopito

gives you the possibility to tag and analyze

inspection images and to share your findings.



Used for infrastructure inspection, modern drone

and camera technology saves enormous sums

when compared to traditional crane-operated in-

spections. All this data needs to be safely stored,

analyzed and shared. This is what Scopito does.

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